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What is change? Why is it even there? Is change good? Why do I hate Change? Do you want the answer to all these questions? Then let’s go

Whatis Change? We’ve all been through it. Change is the only constant. From reading to teaching, from onesies to jeans, from the cot to your own room andbed. Let’s face it. Change is scary.

There are loads of changes going on right now. Some we realize and others we don’t. It’s all a part of life and it is true. We have to accept and move on.

Without change we’d still be stuck in caves and jungles, eating raw meat and wearing leaves.No gadgets, no school, no language, no home,no pets, nothing. Do you want that to happen? Me neither. Change is nowhere and everywhere. Kind of like God.

But the only difference is, we have to accept change as a part of our daily lives and move on. Change is trying something new, doing something else, and the latest version is the pandemic. It has changed us inside out. We are not who we were two years ago. Think about it. This is change.

Why is Change even there?

Change is there for the better. Some changes are good and some changes are bad. Now I just said that change is there for the better and then I say some changes are bad. Am I crazy? No. Despite some changes being bad, they teach us and help us do something better. Something like us learning from our mistakes. The only difference is that we can repeat a mistake but we can’t repeat a change. Change is the one thing that helps us live. It is constant when everything keeps moving.

- By Drishya Vaidya

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