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The PlayTeam

We are seriously playful.

We are carefully bold.

We are soulfully transformative.

Our Story

What if we could curate our own stories? What would it take and what would it look like? This idea lies at the very heart of the thought process behind Playtos.

When we came together, we had intended to give the greatest gift to every child - to be able to shape and tell their own stories on their terms. After some heavy contemplation and research we came to the realisation that this requires two basic abilities; to understand and make sense of things, including ourselves and the things and beings that surround us, and to shape, form and reinvent ourselves and the things around us in a way we want to.

This had led us to build Playtos in a non-compromising and holistic way where we give children an environment to discover who they are, seek the right questions, and find their own answers.

Every child has
great potential

starts with
a question

We are the sum
of the stories
we are told

Learning must be
enjoyable for it
to be impactful

Our Premises

We operate with some fundamental understandings around education and personal growth, and we create everything around these core beliefs at Playtos.

Our Vision

         Our Vision is to

create a new paradigm for education that is accessible to all humans and is engineered to draw out the best in them.

Our Mission

      Our Mission is to provide innovative educational solutions grounded in core competencies, contemporary science and cutting-edge technologies that equip young individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values to excel in a rapidly changing world. We strive to empower, equip and entrust our Playtonites to become responsible and empathetic citizens, capable of fostering positive change in their communities and society at large. 

Our Philosophy

We live in a world that is changing in an accelerating pace where the human experience we call life is becoming ever more complex, and the children of today are facing this challenging reality more than we can probably comprehend. How can we best equip and prepare them for such a world?


As parents and guardians, this is perhaps our greatest concern, and a dilemma we receive precious little help tackling. Parenting is not taught in schools, nor it is a clearly definable skillset, and yet, it is perhaps the most difficult task we ever take upon ourselves. And while it is natural that we want to offer the best of everything to our kids, it is hard to know what that is, especially amidst a plethora of choices on offer. Hence, the task of ‘parenting’, in other words taking care of and guiding our children the best possible way, becomes one that is defined and simplified by our own understanding of the world, our values, and best judgements.


That is why Playtos Miniversity represents a vision and philosophy that are aligned with such parental values in the broadest possible sense.

We believe in looking after the interest of young minds and souls just as our own.
We believe in nurturing them without over-nurturing, so once they leave, they are indeed ready and able to go about creating an amazing, fulfilled life.
We believe in helping them get grounded and pursue their dreams at the same time.
We believe in listening and paying attention to them because we know we don’t know everything.
We believe in empowering them, so that they can empower others, making the world a better place.
We believe in telling them stories that will help them write their own in a way that is worth telling and makes a difference.

We believe in them

because they are the future.

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Our Approach

We believe equally in traditional wisdom of both Eastern and Western philosophies as well as contemporary science, and we wanted to combine the best of the three worlds.


In parallel, we believe that the three pillars of life, leadership and entrepreneurship cover all crucial aspects of life.

Lastly, we understand the fundamental relationship between parents and their children and we created Playtos with the aim to complement this in this best possible way. 

These three created the overarching aspects around which Playtos was built.

The Playtos Tri-angle approach

Our Locations


Our Team

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Yash Vasant



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Janki Vasant


Chief Awesomeness Officer


Balazs Simon


Chief Mischief Officer

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Dharmesh Kapasi


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Chirag Trivedi

Senior Mischief Officer


Priyanka Lakhwani



Vasunddhra Panchal

Miss Management

KALSH _edited.jpg

Kalash Shah

Chief Sourcery Officer

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-12 at 10.39.20.jpeg

Brinda Thanki

Expandora Manager

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